Maggie Ovington

Maggie Ovington, President

Maggie Ovington is an accounting and economics double major. She began dancing five years ago with Gottaswing back home in Northern Virginia and has been dancing ever since. Her favorite swing band to dance to is the Jive Aces, and she never misses a show when they come over from London. As the new president, Maggie hopes to grow the Appalachain Swing Dance Club in addition to traveling to more social dances across the region with club members. She is really quite a fun individual, despite her dry biography.

Ryan Mitchell

Ryan Mitchell, Vice President/Webmaster

An Industrial Design major, Ryan is first and foremost a goof. Not what anyone would consider a "dancer" three short years ago, he happened upon Swing, decided it was for him, and has been entertaining any and all willing to rock step ever since. If listening to his favorite artists "The Wiyos" is any indication, to him, Swing is to be enjoyed and shared. So dance with him, you just might enjoy it.

Jennifer Gobey

Jennifer Gobey, Secretary/Treasurer

Jennifer is an accounting major at ASU. She has been dancing for a year and a half, and her favorite swing dance moves are the spaghetti and the pretzel. Aside from swing dancing, Jennifer also teaches ballroom dancing.

Kaylin Royals

Kaylin Royals, Public Relations

Kaylin is a Special Education major and Psychology minor. She has been dancing for a little over a semester; trying to catch up with the rest of them! As public relations, she hopes to spread the word and increase membership; as swing dance is the best thing in the world!